Nowadays I am...

. Updating my website [this one!] so you can find more about me, my work, and also get inspired.

. Using my hands to mend & alter all kinds of clothes. Discovering different stitching techniques & solutions.

. Organizing wardrobes in Brighton & Hove area. Revealing each person’s intuitive wardrobe, the one aligned with your present moment.

. Creating space to transform my ideas into reality. Exploring my creative process and materiality through textiles.

. Developing new healthy habits, one little change at a time.

. Learning through trial & error how to make the best use of my resources: money*, time & energy. [*I wish I had discovered this budgeting method in my early 20s. If you use this link to subscribe, we both get an extra free month.]

. Laughing & having fun with my “talkative” baby.

. Enjoying the outdoors with the Saunders Park Edible Garden volunteers & the indoors with St. Matthias Tots & Toddlers group.

. Connecting with people in person. Getting to know amazing human beings.

. Volunteering at Brighton Sling Library every first Friday of the month. – Come say hello, I’ll be glad to help you choose a baby carrier that suits you best.

. Experiencing the transformation of my body & mind through Kundalini Yoga.

. Cooking. Trying new recipes, mainly vegan. Inviting friends over for a feast. – One day you can be one of my guests!

. Reading books that broaden my world. – Last book read: Diary of an Ordinary Woman by Margaret Forster.

. Writing my thoughts & ideas every single day. Sending A Letter from Marina sporadically to friends and family. – A few changes in the air, new letter to be sent in May 2019.

Brighton, 03 March 2019 ||| Marina, 11137 days on Earth