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I’d be honored to help you explore the world of colours and…

Uncover your Wardrobe’s full potential!

Together in a 3 hours session we can:

. Explore an easy and intuitive way to combine colours and prints – all of them!

. Discover how to make your wardrobe work for you every season of the year and life.

| Pregnant or breastfeeding? I have a few nice tips for you...

. Renew your wardrobe without buying new clothes.

. NO theories, only prompt action…

. NO fashion rules or styles, only you and your clothes… You are enough, you have enough!

Would you like to bring more beauty and harmony to your daily life?

Your clothing can be a magnificent starting point. I would be honored to help you on this journey!

Contact me to book your 3 hours session. I have only 7 spots available for the months of June & July 2019.

Would you like to get to know me first? We can meet in person or schedule a 20 min video call.

PRICING: Pay what fits your moment in life!

Same service no matter how much you pay! Too hard to decide a value for a 3 hours session? A little guide for you…

| Simple Living: £45/session

| Sustainable Living: £110/session

| Exuberant Living: £165/session

It was such a treat opening my wardrobe this morning!!!!
— Lucy | Brighton, UK
Because I can now see everything I have and (...) what goes with what, it has made me realise I have plenty of stuff and that I can make it all work for me.
— Ana | Brighton, UK
I feel more satisfied with the clothes I have, I no longer feel like I need to buy more.
— Becky | Brighton, UK
I love that I can see everything in my wardrobe!!! I’m wearing things I didn’t before and it’s all stayed really tidy.
— Gina | Horsham, UK

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