A Tidy Wardrobe
Creating space to appreciate what hugs you everyday

No matter how big or small your wardrobe is, how expensive or inexpensive, old or new your clothes are… Through the process of organising and taking care of your clothing, you can transform the way you perceive your own reality.

Only a few hours is enough to be able to see your clothing from a different perspective, which can have a direct impact on your mood, on your self image, on your finances…

A Tidy Wardrobe can help you:

  • Know exactly where everything is – no more time & energy wasted trying to find what to wear.

  • Have a clear vision of your colour and style preferences – you’ll be able to see exactly why you never wear that yellow shirt.

  • Discover your clothes full potential – by expanding your perception of what goes with what.

  • Reduce your environmental footprint & save money on the long run – double win!

Check below how you can appreciate what hugs you everyday, and get in touch! I’d love to get to know you!

– Big hug, Marina


first session | 3 hours


The process of tidying up requires focus and energy, so the first session is 3 hours long non-stop regardless the size of your wardrobe or the amount of clothes you have.

It’s been the perfect duration so far… There’s time enough to get to know you, sort out your belongings, and neatly find a place for everything! – or would you like to prove me wrong? :D

Of course it also requires some trust and courage. Are you brave enough to open your wardrobe to a stranger – me, Marina! – and see your clothing from a new perspective?

I’d love to get to know you! Contact me to book a 3 hours session.


further sessions | 1 hour


After your first session it will be easier than ever to keep your wardrobe organised, so there’s no need for further sessions.

However life happens, and sometimes messiness comes back. Or maybe you wish to tackle a different wardrobe or another part of your house.

I’m offering this follow up session for you who I already had the privilege to meet in person.

After going through your own clothing, do you wish to get other area of your home and life organised?

Contact me to book a 1 hour session, a short focused time can do magic.

thegift 2.jpg

Mending & alteration

Tailored to You

After sorting through your wardrobe, have you discovered items that have holes or stains on them? Clothes that have missing buttons or need some sort of alteration to be wearable?

Our clothes are used daily, but how often do we actually stop to take care of them?

I’m offering you the opportunity to wear that favourite item you have in your wardrobe once again. Mending can be a beautiful style statement (search for visible mending) and an alteration can be simpler than you expect.

Do you wish to give new life to your clothes? Contact me to get a tailored service for your specific need.

Special Offer

Do you have a friend or family member who is pregnant? Give her A Tidy Wardrobe as a gift! In a moment of pure transformation, she can discover how to make the best use of her clothing before and after the baby arrives.

– If you like what I’m offering but it doesn’t fit into your priorities (or budget) at the moment, contact me anyway! Making a living through my work is for me more than a pure exchange of money, it’s about human connection and the creation of a support network, so join me. I’d love to get to know you! –