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Hello, I’m Marina – the head, heart & hands* behind A Tidy Wardrobe. And with me is my little helper, learning from an early age how to fold (or unfold) clothing.


I’m a citizen of the world with Brazilian roots and background in Fashion Design. My love for art, handicrafts & textiles led me to choose this creative path, but the desire for order & harmony follows me since childhood.

So, while I’m still coming to terms with my messy creative process, motherhood has showed me the importance of building a support network, and that’s how A Tidy Wardrobe was born.

Do you wanna know more about me and how I can help you? Get in touch, and let’s meet in person!

– Big hug, Marina

P.S. I quit social media back in 2017 and don’t have plans of going back. Here is the best place to connect with me, so stay tuned… Meanwhile, you can still see a bit of my past life here.


Every now and then I send A Letter from Marina – a collection of my recent thoughts and reflections – to friends & family.

If I know you in person, you’ll get a letter from me. Otherwise, I'll keep you updated with short notes about my work and website.

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